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Fanfiction Idol: Fluff

Title: The Courtly Dance
Author: Elizabeth Darkheart

Fandom: Sanguinity
Characters: Princess Beta, Prince Pierce
Rating: G

Word count: 600

Disclaimer: All Sangunity characters belong to HGR inc. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Note: The Fanfictionidol judges have permission to repost my entry and to quote from it as necessary for critiquing.

“And this is Augustus Vilibald de St. Aubyn, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather,” the little girl said. Her voice sounded very confident, but in truth she wasn’t sure she had got it right—she suspected that she might have said “great” too many times.

“I know. He’s my great-great-great grandfather too,” the boy said.

The two children stared at the portrait in silence. Then the girl said:

“His ears are really big, aren’t they?”

The boy turned around to make sure they were still alone in the Great Hall and said, “Yes, he looks a bit like a monkey.”

The girl giggled.

They walked towards the next picture, a portrait of a beautiful dark-haired woman with a golden crown.

“She poisoned her brother,” the girl said, and the boy looked at the portrait with great interest.

The next portrait showed a king and a queen dressed in richly ornamented robes. They were standing next to each other, and the king was holding the queen’s hand in his own.

“I know what they are doing!” the girl said. “Do you see the funny position of their feet? They are dancing a courtly dance. I’ve seen my parents dance it a few times, on important occasions.”

Noticing that the boy didn’t seem too impressed with this information, after a while she added: “I can dance it too.”

“Really?” the boy asked, but he didn’t seem very interested.

“Oh, yes. Would you like me to show you?”

“Oh, all right,” the boy said. “So, what do we have to do?”

“First you have to bow before me and ask me to dance with you,” the girl said. She blushed a little, but it was obvious she was enjoying this.

“But I already know that you want to dance with me,” the boy said impatiently. “You are the one who asked me if I wanted to dance, remember?”

“No, I didn’t!” The girl’s voice sounded genuinely offended. “A lady would never ask a gentleman to dance with her!”

The boy took a deep breath, as if he were trying to calm himself. Then he said: “Fine.”

He took a deep and very graceful bow in front of the girl and said in a voice that was meant to sound bored, but turned out to be a little timid instead: “Would you like to dance with me, my lady?”

The little girl blushed with pleasure, but instead of answering she just said: “Your Highness.”

“What?” the boy asked irritably.

“Would you like to dance with me, Your Highness. I’m a princess.”

“Well, I’m a prince and I’m sure I don’t have to say that.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“Fine. Well, I don’t want to dance with you anymore, Your Highness!” the boy said and walked away from her.

“Where are you going, Pierce?” the girl asked, sounding really hurt.

The boy took his wooden sword, which he had left by the door, and said: “I’m going to find something better to do. Dancing is stupid. I don’t ever want to dance, not even when I grow up!”

He walked out of the Great Hall in a very dignified manner, holding his back very straight and swinging his sword.

“Pierce!” the little princess called, but the prince ignored her.

“You’ll have to dance when you grow up! It’s the law!” she shouted after him.

“Nonsense! There’s no such law!” Pierce’s voice shouted back from the far end of the corridor.

The girl stared at the portrait of the dancing king and queen for a while, sulking. Then she muttered to herself:

“I’ll ask Dad to write one, then.”
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