July 28th, 2006

Elizabeth 2

Fear and Fascination: Prologue

Title: Fear and Fascination
Prologue: The Swan and Raven

Author: Elizabeth Darkheart

Fandom: Sanguinity
Characters: Princess Beta, Prince Pierce, Prince Choronzon (OC), Lady Anna (OC), Jab Ackerman
Ships: PB/P, OC/OC
Rating: PG - 13

Word count: 1876

Disclaimer: All Sangunity characters and locations belong to HGR inc. No copyright infringement is intended.
Prince Choronzon Erik Vladimir de Gravina belongs to the brilliant PrinceC, who kindly gave me permission to use him. (Yay!)
Lady Anna Honorata Kallay is my original character. Please ask if you want to use her!

Author's Note: The Fanfictionidol judges have permission to repost my entry and to quote from it as necessary for critiquing.

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